Ginger flower, Amazon Rainforest

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About This Site

Dr. Stephen Blythe is a family physician in Machias, Maine - almost as far up the coast as you can get! He has had the opportunity to travel to some of the most interesting rainforests on the planet, and delights in sharing his experiences with others, especially students of all ages.

If you get the opportunity to visit Costa Rica, do not pass it up! Costa Rica is one of the most easily accessible countries with rainforests -  they are working hard to preserve these forests, and their are many "ecotourist" companies anxious to take you exploring! 

You may contact Dr. Blythe at sblythe at tds dot net Please don't ask Dr. Blythe to do your homework - use this site, other sites, or your library to find the answers to basic questions about the rainforest! And please tell Dr. Blythe what part of the world you are e-mailing from! We get viewers from all around the world!

This site and Dr. Blythe's previous site on travel health have won numerous awards over the years.



Flying to a remote area of rainforest.

Dr. Blythe getting ready to fly to Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica..