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Health Information for Tropical Travel

I have provided travel health consultations for individuals and groups for over twenty years. This way I can vicariously enjoy travel even when I cannot physically go!  The following 3-part video is simply an overview of helpful information for those about to travel to tropical areas. See the CDC and State Department websites for more information, and review your trip with a travel health expert. Plan ahead and be prepared, and you will have a great experience!  -sb




Deforestation in Mindanao, the Philippines. sb photo

Above is the most deadly animal in the world - the anopheles mosquito, responsible for spreading malaria which results in the death of over one million people every year!  Watch the video for tips to avoid this and other biting insects!

How you can stay safe:

You need to be informed and plan ahead before any trip to the tropics. Review the CDC web site where you can get disease-specific or destination-specific information, and the State Department web site, where you can be informed about the crime statistics and the political situation in your destination country, review any travel alerts, find out where the embassy is located, etc. 

  1. CDC Travel Health Information
  2. U.S. State Department Travel Information

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