Ginger flower, Amazon Rainforest

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Sights and Sounds of the Rainforest

My "Night in the Rainforest" Video:


My "Remembering Ancient Cultures" video:


Welcome to the Rainforest - lots of my photos and sounds of the rainforest.


The following videos to help you experience the rainforest were also found on Youtube:

The Three-wattled bellbird will drive you crazy - you will hear it way up in the canopy, but almost never see it!


A colony of oropendulas:


The oropendula has a very funny call acompanied by a nose-dive on the branch!


A video documenting/advertising a trip through part of the Amazon on a nicely updated riverboat. This trip is offered by International Expeditions.


Various Central American Tropical Birds, including the Resplendent Quetzal - the most beautiful bird in the world!


The following require RealAudio Player (which can be downloaded if you do not have it).

Don't forget to turn on your sound!

A visit to the Amazon

Costa Rica

Visit to Guatemala

Guatemala: Under the Volcano


Shy child, Guatemala

A young girl wearing the traditional "traje" or clothing of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Each village in the Mayan highlands is noted for its unique style of weaving and embroidery.